dj lineup

WICKED EDEN is returning to their original home and is going to bring epic entertainment and music to Temptation Resort. Wicked Eden will have amazing DJs and music that will keep attendees moving all night. Wicked Eden will bring even more energy and sexiness to the special daytime, nighttime, and late night afterparties. 

moe green

DJ Moe Green



Keith Christopher

aline coutt

DJ Moe Green

Let’s introduce to you one of Resident DJs. Known as one of the biggest Lifestyle DJS in the industry. Everyone knows him by his sense of humor, and getting those Asses shaking on the dance floor! We bring you Moe Green!
DJ Moe Green’s impressive resume in the world of DJ Entertainment consists of traveling the globe as a feature open format DJ, providing the sound track to your party or corporate event.
One party promoter recently said, “His music style can conform and adjust like a chameleons colors during mating season” Others call him “The People’s DJ”
“Understanding music programming, format and mixing is what I do best” “And my MC’ing skills are not so bad also” Moe Green
“When I dj sometimes the ladies can get a little wild like dancing on tables and hanging from the chandeliers, I sometimes think when I’m spinning that I am the lead guitar player of Steal Panther” Moe Green

DJ Encore

Dj Encore (Brian Unglert) has been DJing for more than 15 years. His talents have taken him around the globe from NYC to Japan. Encore specializes in playing all genres of music and is known for his ability to read a crowd and showcase creativity.

DJ Lavelle Dupree

Voted San Diego’s best EDM DJ, Lavelle Dupree has been blowing up dance floors for over 25 years. Inspired by the legendary Donald Glaude, Lavelle has developed a deep appreciation and love for his craft. A self-taught DJ, Lavelle’s musical talents have grown into powerhouse performances that have lit up the main stages in major venues around the globe.

Lavelle’s number one goal is to get everyone in the room energized and excited with his music. Regarding his music choice, “If the record is blessed, I’ll play it,” Lavelle says. His distinct ear for matching the perfect combination of songs and beats keeps the crowd entertained and begging him for more. The love for his music and audience can be exhibited in his crowd interaction and body language during his performances. You will see Lavelle with both hands in the air, dancing behind the decks, and telling the crowd to make some noise!

DJ Keith Christopher

Keith Christopher grew up in New York, and at the age of 7, knew he was going to be in music. At 15, Keith became his own DJ, and relocated to Miami, Florida with his family. In Miami, Keith successfully hosted parties throughout high school and into college. He soon expanded to local bars and clubs, where he discovered a love for House music while working for the marketing team at the legendary Club Space Miami.
Keith’s underground sets constantly evolve, in a never ending quest to keep his audience entertained. He played his first international show in 2014 in San Jose, Costa Rica, returning later that year to headline Club Vertigo. Since then, he has added Antigua, The Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, and multiple cities in Mexico to his country list.


DJ Aline Coutt

Dj Aline Coutt is part of the Brazilian electronic scene and is a big name in tech house.
She has been rocking the dance floors of the biggest and most renowned parties and nightclubs in Brazil.
In the contest among the best DJs in Brazil, Aline Coutt was consecrated among the 50 best and has been conquering more and more fans wherever she goes.
Playing together with big names in the electronic scene, she is consolidating, being invited by big producers to be part of their labels around the world.
Aline Coutt also has a career as an actress in Brazilian television, where she has worked for many years in several television shows, making VIP appearances for major brands and major events.